Chapter 1: Jae Joong

January 31, 2009

It was a pretty typical day. The cool autumn air was crisp and the leaves crunchy beneath my new suede boots, the hottest accesory for fall. But this day felt different from others, the wind gently sweeped my hair into my face and stuck to the gloss just applied to my face. As I raised a hannd to brush it away I noticed somebody walking towards me. Well maybe not towards me, but in my direction. He was beautiful, and oddly familiar. With black rimmed glasses and oaky hair, I’d never thought that someone asian could pull off such a look. He reminded me of someone, someone I knew very well. As he walked closer and closer I thought for the briefest moment that he might actually stop and talk to me, but of course guys never do. But one strange thing did happen. When my phone rang with my signature ringtone “Wrong Number” he seemed to tense up a bit, as if getting ready to knock someone out.

“Hello, oh hey Brie what’s up?”

“O.M.G!! Did u know that DBSK’s coming to town?”

“Haha that’s funny I didn’t even think you liked them. I thought they’d always been my obsession.”

“I know, but since you love them so much, I thought you’d like to know.”

“Aww isn’t that sweet of you.”

“Of course, sweet as sugar right?”

“More like spicier than jalepenos if you ask me.”

“So what, do you want to go to the DBSK concert or what?”

“OF COURSE I WANT TO GO!!” I shrieked.

“Well then, I guess it’s a good thing I got you FRONT ROW SEATS!!”


“No problem, but just remember that Bi Rain’s coming into town near my birthday, hint hint nudge nudge.”

“Got it.”

Hanging up the phone breathless due to the enormous shriek I had just released I heard the padding of footsteps behind me. I whipped around, and what do you know? There was Mr. Mysterious in person right behind me.

“Are you okay? I thought I heard screaming.”

“Oh, yeah . . .” I said in an embarassed tone, “that was me, my friend just kind of surprised me with tickets to my favorite band.”

“And who might your favorite band be?” The alluring stranger said in a velvety voice.

“DBSK!!” I meant to say in just an alluring voice as his, but the excitement leaked through.

“haha really? You’re the first girl I’ve met in this town who’s gone beserk at the mere mentioning of their name.”

“I guess you can say I just really love them.”

I couldn’t believe that this gorgeous human being was actually talking to me. Up close he was even more beautiful than from a distance. He had smooth skin, a tone that matched my own. His sunglasses were blocking his eyes but I assumed they’d be beautiful just like the rest of him. With a slight turn to his head I realized all of a sudden that his sunglasses were the exact same as mine except in the male version. The newest Louis Vuitton Fall Destiny shades.

“Hey, I have those exact same shades.”

I’ve noticed.” He said with a sly smile.

But that smile was different, it was something I recognized. Something I felt as though I had known for such a long time but had never imagined being able to see it outside of a picture.

And then it caught me. This man was Hero Jae Joong, my favorite member of DBSK. I had always wished and hoped that someday we would meet and he would magically fall in love with me and we’d be happily married. But things like that only happen in fairytales, and fairytales seldom come true in real life. But I couldn’t let him know I knew who he was. I had to keep him interested, I had to preserve this moment. But I also needed answers. What if it wasn’t him? What if it really was?

“This is going to come out weird, but I think I’ve met you before.”

“Really?” He appeared to be amused. “Let me guess, you’ve met me in your dreams?”

“No more like I’ve seen you on countless posters, and I’ve watched your videos about a million times.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He seemed to be unfazed by my accusation.

“Oh come on already! You’re obviously Hero Jae Joong from DBSK!! Stop giving me such a hard time!!” By this point I was already yelling, and causing a pretty big scene.

“Ok, ok, ok please don’t yell. I AM Hero Jae Joong from DBSK, I’m in town for that concert you just got tickets to.”

I felt excitement swell up in my chest and I felt as though I was going to burst at any point. Ihad dreamed about this day that I thought was never going to happen for ages, and I couldn’t believe that at last it was finally coming true. I was actually meeting the man of my dreams. But even instances don’t last a lifetime.

Recovering from my revelation, I turned around to continue my conversation with my not so Mr. Mysterious. But he was gone. I felt a slight prick at my neck and as I reached into my hood, I found an envelope with something inside. As a carefully opened the pristine edges of the crisp white envelope. I thought of the possibility that Hero had actually licked it close. Ahhhhh getting excited for possibly no reason, there were self-adhesive envelopes floating around these days. When I finally broke through the sticky glue that bound the two lips together, a note slipped into my hand.

Dear RX (Got it from your phone charm),

You’ve discovered my secret! I really am Hero Jae Joong. I was just out trying to get some decent food when I mysteriously bumped into you. I had planned on not attracting any attention to myself, but that didn’t really seem to work out. I’m always excited to meet new fans, and I think you might have given me one of the warmest responses I’ve ever had. For all your dedication to DBSK, I’ve included a little gift for you inside. Happy Early Birthday!

p.s. Nice Ringtone


As I reached into the envelope to find out for myself what Hero himself had left for me. I was surprised to find of all things a backstage pass slip out, with a little message scribbled in black sharpie. Can’t wait to see you there.

No, it wasn’t just like any typical day.



January 31, 2009

Well seeing as though everybody has their own stories about how they have fantasies where they’re magically able to become friends with DBSK and have all of these crazy adventures with them. I thought I’d start my own story and see where it’d lead me. I’ve seen probably some of the craziest stories and some of the most random ones of all. But of course, if people who know me are going to see this, I’m gonna have to tone down the obsessive trait a bit. Well here goes nothing, tune in for chapter one shortly.

FINALLY!!! my beloved japanese medical drama is BACK!! You should’ve seen the look of shock and excitement on my face when I got on mysoju and saw that Code Blue Special was under the updates list. NEARLY FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR!! Thank god i had a snowday, or else i don’t think i’d be able to finish it with all of my pauses for momentary recovery from how suspenseful it is. But anyway, let’s get down to the mechanics. The beginning was practically a recap of the past season and starts off with the fellowship being reunited. BUT THEN THEY SHOW A SCENE WITH AN OVERTURNED TRAIN!!! With one of the doctor heli people under it with blood everywhere and I was like NOOOOOO!!!! KOUSAKU!!! Well, i don’t know if it was exactly him but he was talking over it and talking about how for every encounter the result is separation. ooooh SO DEEP! But on a side-story, his grandma got better from dementia and actually remembers him. yay!! But she’s filling out a form for a retirement home, which upsets Kousaku because he wanted them to live together since she’s made so many sacrifices for him. awwww but still, EVERY TIME I SEE THIS DRAMA! Tears flow. not like a trickle and then nothing. LIKE NIAGRA FALLS TEARS. but…. i still have to finish watching it so i’ll end here

Happy Birthday Joongie!!

January 27, 2009

It’s finally here!! It’s finally January 26th, a.k.a. HERO JAE JOONG’S 23rd BIRTHDAY!! yayyyy i’m so excited ^^. I just want to take this moment to wish Hero a happy birthday and that I wish he’s gonna have a lot of success this year, and won’t get too stressed out. EAT JOONGIE!!  Geez I can’t believe you can fit into a s size 24 in women’s jeans. I could NEVER be able to do that. But of course, this post isn’t about me, it’s about our beautiful hero Kim Jae Joong. I’ve been waiting for this day for probably 5 weeks, counting down every single day and telling how many days there were left to my beautiful DBSK posters. Obsessive, yeah, i know. But that’s what happens when you catch DBSK fever, it NEVER goes away. it may diminish, but it NEVER goes away. That’s just how captivating the lovely boys are. ahhhh I think I’m just gonna keep this day to myself by looking at beautiful pictures of Hero and writing out everything I love about my future husband ^^.

What i Love About Hero, and What He’s Done For Me

I’ve created many new study skills based on DBSK’s hahaha song, and they’ve worked. 100% on quizzes and tests baby!! woot woot

You’re beautiful

You can work any hair color


You have a great sense of style

You were an Angel!! ^^

You and I have matching freckles

We both like the same colors!

I can’t wait until we can get married Joongie. WAIT FOR ME!! I LOVE U!


Can’t wait for more news on DBSK!! Check in soon!!

Flo & Eryl

January 26, 2009

I hate science class, in general, i just dislike getting up every morning for more disappointing homework in general. But, i guess I’m gonna have to do it if i’m gonna accomplish my number one priority dream of going to Harvard Medical AND Law School.  yes, i know, i’m an over achiever who’s gonna have to live on caffeine for my entire high school life But still, out of ALL of the possible science projects that demonstrate air pressure, i have to receive the one that’s hardest to explain. But on the inside it makes me happy to know that I got the HARDEST. Which must mean I’ve done something good to receive it, right? Well my project is flo and eryl, and just to make sure i know EVERYTHING there is to know about it, i’m gonna blog about it. The purpose of the Flo and Eryl lab is to represent how air always moves from areas of high pressure to low pressure, and how when air molecules are heated, they move faster and bounce of each other, which as a result move farther apart. blah blah blah science science science. Well, it is my favorite subject after all, and yet i’m finding it boring. i think i might just have to stick with blogging about Asian Pop Sensations.

Love You More and More

January 25, 2009

Newest Fahrenheit/飛輪海, album 越來越愛 is probably one of the worst attempts made at trying to create a successful album. Looking back, I really start to wonder exactly what it was I found attractive about them. In any way shape or form. COME ON PEOPLE!! LOOK AT THEM!! THEY CAN’T SING, OR DANCE! But I have to admit, sometimes just looking at them does make you feel all giggly and obsessive, this is where the fangirl reactions and screams come in. But although I’m blogging about how much their songs suck and how they’re turning into total posers. I would go CRAZY if I saw them in concert, I mean seriously, they were the first official “asian boyband” I’ve ever heard, and they’ll always have a special place in my heart. But seriously boys, just stop trying to be so “daring” and go back to the music that we all love and sing along to. And although their music is only part of what is starting to make me dislike them. THEIR APPEARENCE IS PLAIN OUT HORRIBEL!!! They could use some help in the appearence department. Who should we start with?? hmmmm… what about Calvin. Awww my little froggy, i can’t believe you cut the hair!! and i was just starting to like you a little more. I think it’s kinda sad that he’s the least loved out of all of them. But then again, Yan Ya Lun is pretty attractive ^^ :P. But still, Calvin, STOP TRYING SO HARD!! Next.. Jiro… *sigh* jiro jiro jiro. Where do i even start? Out of all four of them, i think you’ve dropped the lowest for me. The hair, never really worked, and the strained singing just pushed it over the edge. Honey…. it’s okay….. at this point i don’t even think fahrenheit’s gonna be lasting that love any way. But still, come out with an amazingly catchy song and a great music video… who knows? Next thing you know I might yet just be jumping back onto the Fahrenheit Fanwagon.

The Songss…… they said it was supposed to have a “rock” edge to it. No, sorry, just no. STOP TRYING SO HARD!! How many times do I have to say it? stop trying to please ALL of your fans and stop trying to make us feel all gooey and lovey dovey on the inside!!! The lyrics are getting cheesey, the MV’s are getting boring, and to be honest, once i start one of your new songs i just wanna turn it off 30 seconds in because ALL THE SONGS SOUND THE SAME!!