Love You More and More

January 25, 2009

Newest Fahrenheit/飛輪海, album 越來越愛 is probably one of the worst attempts made at trying to create a successful album. Looking back, I really start to wonder exactly what it was I found attractive about them. In any way shape or form. COME ON PEOPLE!! LOOK AT THEM!! THEY CAN’T SING, OR DANCE! But I have to admit, sometimes just looking at them does make you feel all giggly and obsessive, this is where the fangirl reactions and screams come in. But although I’m blogging about how much their songs suck and how they’re turning into total posers. I would go CRAZY if I saw them in concert, I mean seriously, they were the first official “asian boyband” I’ve ever heard, and they’ll always have a special place in my heart. But seriously boys, just stop trying to be so “daring” and go back to the music that we all love and sing along to. And although their music is only part of what is starting to make me dislike them. THEIR APPEARENCE IS PLAIN OUT HORRIBEL!!! They could use some help in the appearence department. Who should we start with?? hmmmm… what about Calvin. Awww my little froggy, i can’t believe you cut the hair!! and i was just starting to like you a little more. I think it’s kinda sad that he’s the least loved out of all of them. But then again, Yan Ya Lun is pretty attractive ^^ :P. But still, Calvin, STOP TRYING SO HARD!! Next.. Jiro… *sigh* jiro jiro jiro. Where do i even start? Out of all four of them, i think you’ve dropped the lowest for me. The hair, never really worked, and the strained singing just pushed it over the edge. Honey…. it’s okay….. at this point i don’t even think fahrenheit’s gonna be lasting that love any way. But still, come out with an amazingly catchy song and a great music video… who knows? Next thing you know I might yet just be jumping back onto the Fahrenheit Fanwagon.

The Songss…… they said it was supposed to have a “rock” edge to it. No, sorry, just no. STOP TRYING SO HARD!! How many times do I have to say it? stop trying to please ALL of your fans and stop trying to make us feel all gooey and lovey dovey on the inside!!! The lyrics are getting cheesey, the MV’s are getting boring, and to be honest, once i start one of your new songs i just wanna turn it off 30 seconds in because ALL THE SONGS SOUND THE SAME!!


3 Responses to “Love You More and More”

  1. Yi Ling said

    Hey,how can you say that about Da Dong and Calvin?!They’re my love,you know!I mean my love in my heart…Lol.
    And how can you say that you wanna turn off their new songs in 30 secs?!The songs don’t sound the same at all!Only one of them,that is,the first one,is a catchy one with a rap.Although you don’t understand their taiwan language,you shouldn’t talk bad about them!

    • fujifan23 said

      Don’t get me wrong I LOVE fahrenheit and all of the members, but lately they’re starting to get too bubblegum. Compare this album to the others and look at how high their singles have gone. But i do like dong mai ^^ its one of my favorite songs on the album. haha now that i think about it, the one with the ferris wheel is another one of my favorites. hmmmmmm i think i might just have to listen to the album again.

  2. kay said

    awww..its too bad thats how u feel about them..its ur opinion, in my heart they are still special…they’r the only Taiwanese boy band i’ve ever got into, they’r the ones made me listen to Chinese music again. sometimes they can use some help but i wouldnt have them any other way, they are just lovely the way they are…i actually think Da dong/Jiro is looking hotter!!!

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