Flo & Eryl

January 26, 2009

I hate science class, in general, i just dislike getting up every morning for more disappointing homework in general. But, i guess I’m gonna have to do it if i’m gonna accomplish my number one priority dream of going to Harvard¬†Medical AND Law School.¬† yes, i know, i’m an over achiever who’s gonna have to live on caffeine for my entire high school life But still, out of ALL of the possible science projects that demonstrate air pressure, i have to receive the one that’s hardest to explain. But on the inside it makes me happy to know that I got the HARDEST. Which must mean I’ve done something good to receive it, right? Well my project is flo and eryl, and just to make sure i know EVERYTHING there is to know about it, i’m gonna blog about it. The purpose of the Flo and Eryl lab is to represent how air always moves from areas of high pressure to low pressure, and how when air molecules are heated, they move faster and bounce of each other, which as a result move farther apart. blah blah blah science science science. Well, it is my favorite subject after all, and yet i’m finding it boring. i think i might just have to stick with blogging about Asian Pop Sensations.


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