Code Blue Special (spoiler warning)

January 28, 2009

FINALLY!!! my beloved japanese medical drama is BACK!! You should’ve seen the look of shock and excitement on my face when I got on mysoju and saw that Code Blue Special was under the updates list. NEARLY FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR!! Thank god i had a snowday, or else i don’t think i’d be able to finish it with all of my pauses for momentary recovery from how suspenseful it is. But anyway, let’s get down to the mechanics. The beginning was practically a recap of the past season and starts off with the fellowship being reunited. BUT THEN THEY SHOW A SCENE WITH AN OVERTURNED TRAIN!!! With one of the doctor heli people under it with blood everywhere and I was like NOOOOOO!!!! KOUSAKU!!! Well, i don’t know if it was exactly him but he was talking over it and talking about how for every encounter the result is separation. ooooh SO DEEP! But on a side-story, his grandma got better from dementia and actually remembers him. yay!! But she’s filling out a form for a retirement home, which upsets Kousaku because he wanted them to live together since she’s made so many sacrifices for him. awwww but still, EVERY TIME I SEE THIS DRAMA! Tears flow. not like a trickle and then nothing. LIKE NIAGRA FALLS TEARS. but…. i still have to finish watching it so i’ll end here


6 Responses to “Code Blue Special (spoiler warning)”

  1. Robert said

    I love how im the only one reading this. lol. and i dont even understand any of your asian obsessions

  2. weeson said

    Noo! Why would you watch something that you like so much on a streaming site? I really encourage you as well as everyone to download it from d-addicts.. better quality! I mean, if you like something, wouldn’t you want to watch it in the best quality that you can?

    • fujifan23 said

      ahhhhhhhhhhhh but it takes SO LONG!!!! watching it on mysoju is like instant gratification. yes this happens all the time. i see something i really like, but i cant finish it because i don’t want it to be over 😦

  3. weeson said

    I guess.. but I am just really bothered when people watch anime/dramas from a streaming site. Unless the quality is as good as when you download, I’m really against it.. I also burn dramas after watching it so I guess that gives another reason to download and watch instead of watching it off a streaming site.

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