Joongie’s REAL Birthday

February 9, 2009

Imagine the look on my face when I logged onto WordPress the other day and looked at all of the blogs tagged Hero Jae Joong, and saw one headline that stood out. Hero Jae Joong’s Birthday January 26th, A LIE! HOLY MOLY!! HERO’S BIRTHDAY WAS A LIE?? Well, after VERY thorough investigation I found the source.

Apparently Kim Jae Joong’s (Hero) birth mother had blogged that Hero’s real birthday was on February 4th, not January 26th. *sigh* for just a minute there I had hoped that Hero’s astrological sign was wrong too. But nope, he’s still an aquarius and i’m still a scorpio. BUT WE CAN WORK THROUGH IT!!

But selfishness aside, my wishes go out to Hero, and I hope that he won’t suffer any further emotional strain due to the issues of his family. Hero, no matter what you go through remember that you’ll always be . . .

My inspiration

My joy

My happiness

My love

My Hero ❤


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