WTF HELL NO! Jae Kyang stopped the wedding HERSELF??? damn. i thought BOF was gonna have a completely different ending from HYD. but I guess the JunPyo JanDi coupling is just too perfect to ignore. I didn’t get very far, so I’m just going to talk about the first half of the episode. 😥 poor Ji Hoo, he tried so hard to get JanDi to love him too. The sad thing is though, JanDi loved him first, and they could’ve been together if he didn’t chase the model to FRANCE!! But I must say, he looked goooooooood in that white riding jacket and Rui by his side. Very princely. But when going through the flashbacks, I’m REALLY happy they decided to update his sense of style and give him a much needed haircut. aww so cute!!

Yi Jung and Ga Eul

The car scene was super cute. and i thought it was adorable how Ga Eul was crying because she thought it was so sweet of JaeKyang to be considerate of JunPyo’s feelings rather than her own. But when Yi Jung started talking about his confrontation with the girl from before when she was supposedly going to confess to him, it looked mighty familiar eh? Almost familiar enought o be compared to Ga Eul’s “confession(s)” to Yi Jung.  GA EUL ❤ YI JUNG FIGHTING!!

The Necklace::

Aww this was such a sad and sweet thing. Hmm now that I think about it, Jae Kyang really was a nice person. After all, she chose to make both Jan Di and Jun Pyo happy instead of herself. But I felt so bad when she handed the necklace to ji Hoo and told him that she wished JJ meant JiHoo and JanDi. For a moment there, i wished that was true too.


*sigh* i guess there really isn’t that much hope for Jan Di and Ji Hoo anymore. too bad.

But on top of that, YI JUNG x GA EUL!!


Ok, ok I know this is probably really old, but I thought I’d just post it up for all of u fans who just can’t seem to get enough of SuJu.

My fave moments::

HAN GENG!!! AHHHHH *fangirl shriek* I LOVE U!!! damn he is HOT

Donghae jumping out of the floor. and the near shirtless moment. was that SEXY BACK beat i heard in the music?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh 13 members  . . . .  more to go around right??

But please, if there’s one thing to change. it’s the outfits. we already know you’re hot boys. no need to dress up in vinyl and trashbags to omake light bounce off of u.

Boys Over Flowers So Far

March 15, 2009

We all know that the korean rendition of the oh-so popular Hana Yori Dango has proven to be a giant success and has been the source of screaming fangirls for weeks at hand. But let’s take a breather and look at just how much this show has grown. I’ll have to admit that the characters and the story plot’s turn are not what i expected them to be, but they’ve all turned out to be pretty good nonetheless.  Let’s go character by character.

Geum Jan Di:

I’ll admit, i thought she was kind of annoying in the beginning. But after a while, Tough Weed JanDi started to grow on me. My favorite part of her chracter change from HYD to BOF was the fact that they made her into a swimmer. I think it played a good role throughout the story plot, through JunPyo learning to swim for her to herhurting her shoulder and not being able to swim. Although her decision to become a doctor furthered her ties to JiHoo with his grandfather, i think that she should’ve kept the choice of the lawyer, because that would have brought back JiHoo’s old flame. Still, the love triangle with JihooxJanDixJunPyo has turned out to be one of the most interesting yet.


Ahh how can we not love our seld-centered egoist. lol. Looking at a view point, I think that JunPyo in BOF is a more developed character than Domyouji. He just seems must more macho and masculine, being that kind of guy you want to be embraced by. But his funny and sometimes witty attitude is what still makes the big guy so loveable.


Can I even begin to put into words JUST HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS GUY??! Back in HYD i thought they rui had to be the most naggy annoying guy in the entire series. And that’s what really made me want to fight for DomyoujixMakino. But in BOF, my god am i conflicted. I had absolutely no idea who I would choose! Should I pick the alltime favorite and probably JandixJunPyo or go for the couple that seems so perfect for each other JanDixJiHoo. So many choices with so many consequencs >.< I think they made a good choice in developing his character to make a REAL love triangle. And give viewers the little surprise that this relationship between JiHoo and JanDi could ACTUALLY EXIST! I think his family story is so sad though 😦


Come on. Seriously. How can you not love are boi with his fobby english that makes us love him so. Yo Yo Yo my home boy let’s go. I DIED LAUGHING. Cuz he’s just SO FUNNY!!! ❤ I think they should have added more to his character development though, besides the whole. I’m so embarassed to be the son of a gang boss.


CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE with an edge. Ahhh my lovely potter with a broken hand and a tortured soul. I LOVE YOU! I think that if I were to spend the entire day here blogging about everything there could possibly be to blog about YiJunh, I wouldn’t even scratch the surface. So for now, I’m just gonna say one thing. YI JUNG LOVES GA EUL!!!! (or at least i hope so)

yay!! the Kiss the Baby Sky PV is finally out!! i loveee this song!! Hmm not as great as some of their other music videos, but I still love the song!!


I think they all looked great, especially jae joong 🙂

Ahhh they all looked so good in their pristine white outfits~! But i think this music video seemed a little rushed, I mean Survivor just came out only about a week ago, and now all of a sudden Kiss the Baby Sky is out too?? I think they should spent a little bit more time in making this MV more DBSK-like. But i still lovee my boys 🙂

Chapter 3: Micky

March 9, 2009

After a long day at ballet, my feet hurt, my back ached, and I could barely stand. But it was all for a good cause. There was going to be a performance soon, and I was dying to have a solo. As I was leaving the studio, I heard the familiar beat of Purple Line by TVXQ. I stop for a moment to just reflect upon how many dramatic events have occured to me since meeting Jae Joong on that fateful day. But when it boils down to it, they really are one of the most popular groups in asia, and I’d be in over my head to think they’d actually remember me.

Curiosity got the best of me as I sauntered down the hall in search of the one who was playing the song so familiar to me. I stopped in front of practice room 801, the source of the music. It was also one of the best practice rooms complete with flat screen televisions, mini bars, the best stereo on the market, and the most comfortable recliners you will ever be able to imagine sitting on. But quality comes with a price, and the price for that kind of practice room was HIGH.

I quickly thought of a story about how I would just peek in and see who was practicing. If they happenned to see me, I’d make the excuse that I had lost my toe savers and was asking if anybody had them.

Much to my surprise did I come face to face with the person I had least expected to find at a dance studio.

“MICKY?!? MICKY YOO CHUN??! You’re THE Micky YooChun from DBSK right??”

Staring back at me with just as much shock, he grinned in disbelief. “There really are fans everywhere huh?”

“Well of course, who couldn’t love DBSK?” I said with a grin starting to spread on my face.”

Realizing my mistake of intruding on his rehearsal, I blushed and turned around trying to flee the scene in the most graceful way. As I was reaching the lobby towards the exit. I realized a limo, probably there for the big teddy bear of DBSK. To my surprise did the window roll down as I passed by.

“Hey.” said Yunho with a grin.

“That time at Cartier was enough of an encounter for me. I guess I really am lucky to have met you twice.” I responded.

“That reminds me, I forgot to tell you that I found this the other day.” he said, holding up a silver necklace.

“I’m sorry, you must be mistaken, that’s not mine.” I said looking at the delicate heart dangling from the end with the imprint of Tiffany and Co.

“It is now, just take it as an apology of mine for causing you so much trouble the other day.” he said, as he almost forcibly put the little blue box in my hand,

“I can’t accept this, this is just too much.” I said, just hoping that he would say it wasn’t so I could keep it.

“She’s right Yunho.” said a voice behind me.

I turned around to see none other than Micky YooChun towering above me, with a stern look on his face.

“Oh come off it Micky, she did a lot for me, and I caused her a lot of trouble. Besides, I saw her admiring it ealier.” said Yunho with a wink. “and besides, she’s already met 3/5 of DBSK. She’s practically a friend of ours now.”

“We don’t even know her name!!” retorted Micky.

“We don’t have to. Names are simply something by how we distinguish people by. Hmm let’s see, I think I’m gonna call her Twinkle Toes.” said Yunho with a smile.

As Micky got into the limo, he gave me a smile and said, “You’re one lucky girl, you know that.”

“I would have to be in a coma not to have realized that.” I said with a smile.

Lucky couldn’t even begin to describe how I was feeling.


Let’s start off with Yi Jung’s story. I never knew that his dad was such a B*!! Now it makes more sense how earlier in the series Yi Jung told that lady that she was his father’s 3rd girlfriend that month. But his father telling him that the only reason he became the head of the family was because he was just like him broke my heart. RISE ABOVE THE INFLUENCE YI JUNG!! But i did kinda like the part how his father reminded him that true love only comes once in a lifetime. Maybe that one person for Yi Jung is Ga Eul ^^. I think Eunjae is really pretty too though, and I think that since they have history they’d be a really cute couple. But still . .  .  YI JUNG x GA EUL!! I think the korean version’s done a really good job with making a different version of BOF. I must admit, that at first I was a bit skeptical, but this is really turning out to be an amazing adaption.


I like her a lot better than Shizuka  . . . i forget her name -.- in the japanese version. I think her personality is a lot more “appealing.” Like she doesn’t get on my nerves as easily as Shizuka does. -.- but i still loved HYD XD. I think it was HILARIOUS how she ate the whole bowl of ramen, and the whole time Jun Pyo, Ji Hoo, and Jan Di are looking at her like O.M.F.G. HOW IS SHE DOING THAT?!?! But it was really sweet how she won the 50 ramen tickets for Jan Di :). But i think it was a bit extreme at the end how she hugged him @ the jacuzzi. But hey, that’s just me.

oh and the rings!! sooo cute. but i wish it her JunPyo and JanDi rings. hmm i never knew it sad J<3J on the back of Jan Di’s necklace . . .

Jun Pyo:

I feel really bad for Jun Pyo, even though I feel like I should hate him for being so mean to Jan Di a while back. The guy’s under a lot of pressure people, his dad died, his mom’s a bitch, and he’s engaged to a woman other than the girl he loves. But still, he managed to look AMAZING in this episode. Let me just start off saying that DAMN LEE MINHO HAS AN AMAZING BODY!! *look @ the pool scene for a reference* It was a really funny scene when he was learning to swim, ROFLMFAO. But it was cute how he said “I’d rather drown than watch another guy save you.”

Ji Hoo:

Awwww the part with him and his grandfather was sooo cute, but still sooo sad at the same time 😦 I think it’s this kind of thing in dramas that keep everyone so engrossed. The misunderstandings that lead to a whole web of a mess. ANND!! He called Jan Di an otter >.< so cute. I LOVE HIS NEW HAIR. The beginning with Ji Hoo helping her clean the windows was so sweet. And my god. When she passed out, I nearly fell out of my chair because of all the suspense. He’s so nice to her, and yet she still loves Jun Pyo. >.< so hard for him.

Jan Di:

It must be hard for her, watching JunPyo and HaeKyang from afar and realizing that it can’t happen to her. BUT THAT’s THE WHOLE POINT JAN DI!! Rise above the rest!!

It’s really hard for me to decide who to choose 😦 JanDi x JunPyo or JanDi x JiHoo

By far probably one of the most confusing plots that I love so much.

😥 So sad, BOF’s almost over. 17 episodes down. 7 episodes to go.