Boys Over Flowers So Far

March 15, 2009

We all know that the korean rendition of the oh-so popular Hana Yori Dango has proven to be a giant success and has been the source of screaming fangirls for weeks at hand. But let’s take a breather and look at just how much this show has grown. I’ll have to admit that the characters and the story plot’s turn are not what i expected them to be, but they’ve all turned out to be pretty good nonetheless.  Let’s go character by character.

Geum Jan Di:

I’ll admit, i thought she was kind of annoying in the beginning. But after a while, Tough Weed JanDi started to grow on me. My favorite part of her chracter change from HYD to BOF was the fact that they made her into a swimmer. I think it played a good role throughout the story plot, through JunPyo learning to swim for her to herhurting her shoulder and not being able to swim. Although her decision to become a doctor furthered her ties to JiHoo with his grandfather, i think that she should’ve kept the choice of the lawyer, because that would have brought back JiHoo’s old flame. Still, the love triangle with JihooxJanDixJunPyo has turned out to be one of the most interesting yet.


Ahh how can we not love our seld-centered egoist. lol. Looking at a view point, I think that JunPyo in BOF is a more developed character than Domyouji. He just seems must more macho and masculine, being that kind of guy you want to be embraced by. But his funny and sometimes witty attitude is what still makes the big guy so loveable.


Can I even begin to put into words JUST HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS GUY??! Back in HYD i thought they rui had to be the most naggy annoying guy in the entire series. And that’s what really made me want to fight for DomyoujixMakino. But in BOF, my god am i conflicted. I had absolutely no idea who I would choose! Should I pick the alltime favorite and probably JandixJunPyo or go for the couple that seems so perfect for each other JanDixJiHoo. So many choices with so many consequencs >.< I think they made a good choice in developing his character to make a REAL love triangle. And give viewers the little surprise that this relationship between JiHoo and JanDi could ACTUALLY EXIST! I think his family story is so sad though 😦


Come on. Seriously. How can you not love are boi with his fobby english that makes us love him so. Yo Yo Yo my home boy let’s go. I DIED LAUGHING. Cuz he’s just SO FUNNY!!! ❤ I think they should have added more to his character development though, besides the whole. I’m so embarassed to be the son of a gang boss.


CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE with an edge. Ahhh my lovely potter with a broken hand and a tortured soul. I LOVE YOU! I think that if I were to spend the entire day here blogging about everything there could possibly be to blog about YiJunh, I wouldn’t even scratch the surface. So for now, I’m just gonna say one thing. YI JUNG LOVES GA EUL!!!! (or at least i hope so)


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