BOF 22 The First Part (Spoiler Warning)

March 24, 2009

WTF HELL NO! Jae Kyang stopped the wedding HERSELF??? damn. i thought BOF was gonna have a completely different ending from HYD. but I guess the JunPyo JanDi coupling is just too perfect to ignore. I didn’t get very far, so I’m just going to talk about the first half of the episode. 😥 poor Ji Hoo, he tried so hard to get JanDi to love him too. The sad thing is though, JanDi loved him first, and they could’ve been together if he didn’t chase the model to FRANCE!! But I must say, he looked goooooooood in that white riding jacket and Rui by his side. Very princely. But when going through the flashbacks, I’m REALLY happy they decided to update his sense of style and give him a much needed haircut. aww so cute!!

Yi Jung and Ga Eul

The car scene was super cute. and i thought it was adorable how Ga Eul was crying because she thought it was so sweet of JaeKyang to be considerate of JunPyo’s feelings rather than her own. But when Yi Jung started talking about his confrontation with the girl from before when she was supposedly going to confess to him, it looked mighty familiar eh? Almost familiar enought o be compared to Ga Eul’s “confession(s)” to Yi Jung.  GA EUL ❤ YI JUNG FIGHTING!!

The Necklace::

Aww this was such a sad and sweet thing. Hmm now that I think about it, Jae Kyang really was a nice person. After all, she chose to make both Jan Di and Jun Pyo happy instead of herself. But I felt so bad when she handed the necklace to ji Hoo and told him that she wished JJ meant JiHoo and JanDi. For a moment there, i wished that was true too.


*sigh* i guess there really isn’t that much hope for Jan Di and Ji Hoo anymore. too bad.

But on top of that, YI JUNG x GA EUL!!


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