Vote for DBSK!!

April 11, 2009

In Channel V’s annual Asia vs. Asia poll, the top stars of Asia are aligned so that the mighty fans such as you can vote for them and crown the true King(s) or Queen(s) of ASIAN POP!


This year the oh-so talented and extremely attractive Tohoshinki (a.k.a. TVXQ or DBSK) are up for the vote!! CALLING ALL DBSK FANS!! VOTE FOR YOUR BOYS!!! ❤ ❤ Hero


Due to a staggering amount of views and popularity of the sizzling hot Boys Over Flowers drama. It has been confirmed that a second season will start again next February. But then again, you could’ve guessed that right?

Boy oh boy, it must be hard to play the “enemy” on a k-drama cause they REALLY make you want to bitch slap them in the face. For example, YU MI!! Gosh, she REALLY made me want to punch her in the face when she was at Jun Pyo’s house and all throughout the hospital scenes!! urggggg!! Btw that lunch box Jan Di made for Jun Pyo was TOOO cute

Ga Eul x Yi Jung

I was really hoping for more chemistry and maybe even a kiss ^^. But I’m still satisfied with Yi Jung telling Ga Eul that she’d be the first person he’d look for when he got back from SWEDEN :'(. I think they make a much more interesting couple XP

Ji Hoo . . . my love!! I feel so bad for him!! To have been repeatedly REJECTED by Jan Di over and over and over again and still come to rescue her when her heart’s hurting. That’s LOVE right there, PURE TRUE LOVE! I love my white knight!

The Party:

Hmm it was pretty entertaining at first, and of course I recognized the lovely theme to BOF when they were playing the harp 🙂 and Jandi’s dress was SOO CUTE. THAT BITCH YU MI!! “I’m sorry Unnie, but Yu Mi loves Jun Pyo” WELL TOO BAD!! you can’t have him! he belongs to jan di!! i would’ve totally pushed her into the pool during that scene. But when she threw the necklace into the water it broke my heart, at least she made that jumping into the pool moment as dramatic as humanly possible ^^. How much suspense do the directors WANT to build up?? For god sakes, going through that whole Ji Hoo glaring at Jun Pyo to do something and looking angered when he saved her schpeel took practically 5 minutes!! 5 minutes in which a normal human would’ve drowned when staying at the bottom of the pool!! MY POOR JI HOO!!

The dances at the graduation were cute. “My destined partner, Ji Hoo sunbae, thank you.” damn i really wish they’d work out! But boy do I wish i had a boyfriend like Jun Pyo who would light up NAMSAM TOWER for me!!

It was adorable how Jan Di wouldn’t move when Jun Pyo told her he wanted to show her the little message he left her  ^^. guess she can’t get married now XP

But at least they made it like a REAL ending to the drama. made it feel so complete 🙂

WOW. Boys over Flowers . . . let’s all take a moment to just remember what a great drama this was. Before starting the korean version, I had always had the thought that no drama could ever beat the japanese version of Hana Yori Dango. But I have to admit, Boys Over Flowers has given my favorite drama (HYD) some pretty serious competition.

The soundtrack was AMAZING!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ How could we not love Because I’m Stupid – SS501 or Lucky – Ashily or even Starlight Tears!! Don’t forget Almost Paradise – T-MAX!! I also loved how they incorporated so much of their soundtrack and the simple melodies into so many scenes!!

The love triangle!! At least they kept it up until the very end unlike HYD where they sort of dropped it and focused solely on Makino and Domyouji toward the second season. JI HOO!! ❤

25 great episodes that made me an obsessive fangirl all the way to the end.