O.M.F.G. I never thought I’d say it, but DAMN this song might just be more addictive than Sorry, Sorry. Who would’ve thought that our darling suju would come so far in such a short time!! The best thing about this video  . . . in my opinion . . .  is that we get to see and hear more of the individual members. Yeah, Sorry, Sorry was good with all the dancing and the choreography was pretty b.a. but you HAVE to check this out. it’s you is simply . . . amazing.

Gee, lee soo man really does have the “eye” for stars.


Ok, ok I know this is probably really old, but I thought I’d just post it up for all of u fans who just can’t seem to get enough of SuJu.

My fave moments::

HAN GENG!!! AHHHHH *fangirl shriek* I LOVE U!!! damn he is HOT

Donghae jumping out of the floor. and the near shirtless moment. was that SEXY BACK beat i heard in the music?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh 13 members  . . . .  more to go around right??

But please, if there’s one thing to change. it’s the outfits. we already know you’re hot boys. no need to dress up in vinyl and trashbags to omake light bounce off of u.