It’s finally arrived! The birthday of TVXQ’s most glamourous lead vocal ‘Hero’ Kim JaeJoong. It shouldn’t be a surprise to all of you that JJ is my FAVORITE TVXQ member.,(even though I absolutely love the other members of the family too 😉 he’ll always hold a place in my heart. I think that I was first charmed by his charisma and angelic voice…. Mirotic was the first time that I saw the magnitude of TVXQ’s supremity. Afterall, their Mirotic Comeback was deemed as ‘The Return of the King’. Believe me, they absolutely deserve everything that they have received. Except for the slave contract and sleepless weeks of course. It breaks my heart to hear all of the boys so unhappy, but nevertheless ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH. They’ll stand by us fans no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Cassie a Bigeaster or just a plain fan who loves their music. They need ALL of our support.

For the time being, let’s focus on our flower boy :D. His visually shocking looks as well as his beautiful smile never fail to captivate the heart.

Happy Birthday to our beloved ‘Hero’ Kim Jae Joong.

(I’ll make another post on his real birthday too! <3)


Happy Birthday Joongie!!

January 27, 2009

It’s finally here!! It’s finally January 26th, a.k.a. HERO JAE JOONG’S 23rd BIRTHDAY!! yayyyy i’m so excited ^^. I just want to take this moment to wish Hero a happy birthday and that I wish he’s gonna have a lot of success this year, and won’t get too stressed out. EAT JOONGIE!!  Geez I can’t believe you can fit into a s size 24 in women’s jeans. I could NEVER be able to do that. But of course, this post isn’t about me, it’s about our beautiful hero Kim Jae Joong. I’ve been waiting for this day for probably 5 weeks, counting down every single day and telling how many days there were left to my beautiful DBSK posters. Obsessive, yeah, i know. But that’s what happens when you catch DBSK fever, it NEVER goes away. it may diminish, but it NEVER goes away. That’s just how captivating the lovely boys are. ahhhh I think I’m just gonna keep this day to myself by looking at beautiful pictures of Hero and writing out everything I love about my future husband ^^.

What i Love About Hero, and What He’s Done For Me

I’ve created many new study skills based on DBSK’s hahaha song, and they’ve worked. 100% on quizzes and tests baby!! woot woot

You’re beautiful

You can work any hair color


You have a great sense of style

You were an Angel!! ^^

You and I have matching freckles

We both like the same colors!

I can’t wait until we can get married Joongie. WAIT FOR ME!! I LOVE U!


Can’t wait for more news on DBSK!! Check in soon!!