It’s finally arrived! The birthday of TVXQ’s most glamourous lead vocal ‘Hero’ Kim JaeJoong. It shouldn’t be a surprise to all of you that JJ is my FAVORITE TVXQ member.,(even though I absolutely love the other members of the family too 😉 he’ll always hold a place in my heart. I think that I was first charmed by his charisma and angelic voice…. Mirotic was the first time that I saw the magnitude of TVXQ’s supremity. Afterall, their Mirotic Comeback was deemed as ‘The Return of the King’. Believe me, they absolutely deserve everything that they have received. Except for the slave contract and sleepless weeks of course. It breaks my heart to hear all of the boys so unhappy, but nevertheless ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH. They’ll stand by us fans no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Cassie a Bigeaster or just a plain fan who loves their music. They need ALL of our support.

For the time being, let’s focus on our flower boy :D. His visually shocking looks as well as his beautiful smile never fail to captivate the heart.

Happy Birthday to our beloved ‘Hero’ Kim Jae Joong.

(I’ll make another post on his real birthday too! <3)


Jae Joong Crosstitch

May 4, 2009

Some fans out there show some amazing dedication and love for our DBSK boys out there. I know that for one thing, I could probably spend about 5 days straight attempting to make a crosstitch of my luvie Joongie’s face, and it would not even come close to this one done by a truelyyyy dedicated fan in China.


awwwHe stillll looks beautiful, even as a picture weaved out of tiny little x’s


Taken from TVXQ is “Gods Rising from the East”

Ok, ok I know this is probably really old, but I thought I’d just post it up for all of u fans who just can’t seem to get enough of SuJu.

My fave moments::

HAN GENG!!! AHHHHH *fangirl shriek* I LOVE U!!! damn he is HOT

Donghae jumping out of the floor. and the near shirtless moment. was that SEXY BACK beat i heard in the music?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh 13 members  . . . .  more to go around right??

But please, if there’s one thing to change. it’s the outfits. we already know you’re hot boys. no need to dress up in vinyl and trashbags to omake light bounce off of u.

Boys Over Flowers So Far

March 15, 2009

We all know that the korean rendition of the oh-so popular Hana Yori Dango has proven to be a giant success and has been the source of screaming fangirls for weeks at hand. But let’s take a breather and look at just how much this show has grown. I’ll have to admit that the characters and the story plot’s turn are not what i expected them to be, but they’ve all turned out to be pretty good nonetheless.  Let’s go character by character.

Geum Jan Di:

I’ll admit, i thought she was kind of annoying in the beginning. But after a while, Tough Weed JanDi started to grow on me. My favorite part of her chracter change from HYD to BOF was the fact that they made her into a swimmer. I think it played a good role throughout the story plot, through JunPyo learning to swim for her to herhurting her shoulder and not being able to swim. Although her decision to become a doctor furthered her ties to JiHoo with his grandfather, i think that she should’ve kept the choice of the lawyer, because that would have brought back JiHoo’s old flame. Still, the love triangle with JihooxJanDixJunPyo has turned out to be one of the most interesting yet.


Ahh how can we not love our seld-centered egoist. lol. Looking at a view point, I think that JunPyo in BOF is a more developed character than Domyouji. He just seems must more macho and masculine, being that kind of guy you want to be embraced by. But his funny and sometimes witty attitude is what still makes the big guy so loveable.


Can I even begin to put into words JUST HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS GUY??! Back in HYD i thought they rui had to be the most naggy annoying guy in the entire series. And that’s what really made me want to fight for DomyoujixMakino. But in BOF, my god am i conflicted. I had absolutely no idea who I would choose! Should I pick the alltime favorite and probably JandixJunPyo or go for the couple that seems so perfect for each other JanDixJiHoo. So many choices with so many consequencs >.< I think they made a good choice in developing his character to make a REAL love triangle. And give viewers the little surprise that this relationship between JiHoo and JanDi could ACTUALLY EXIST! I think his family story is so sad though 😦


Come on. Seriously. How can you not love are boi with his fobby english that makes us love him so. Yo Yo Yo my home boy let’s go. I DIED LAUGHING. Cuz he’s just SO FUNNY!!! ❤ I think they should have added more to his character development though, besides the whole. I’m so embarassed to be the son of a gang boss.


CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE with an edge. Ahhh my lovely potter with a broken hand and a tortured soul. I LOVE YOU! I think that if I were to spend the entire day here blogging about everything there could possibly be to blog about YiJunh, I wouldn’t even scratch the surface. So for now, I’m just gonna say one thing. YI JUNG LOVES GA EUL!!!! (or at least i hope so)

yay!! the Kiss the Baby Sky PV is finally out!! i loveee this song!! Hmm not as great as some of their other music videos, but I still love the song!!


I think they all looked great, especially jae joong 🙂

Ahhh they all looked so good in their pristine white outfits~! But i think this music video seemed a little rushed, I mean Survivor just came out only about a week ago, and now all of a sudden Kiss the Baby Sky is out too?? I think they should spent a little bit more time in making this MV more DBSK-like. But i still lovee my boys 🙂

Chapter 2: Yunho

February 7, 2009

After close examination of every single display window in the entire mall. And endless shifting through racks and racks of clothes. I found it. The perfect outfit. An assymetrical chanel drapery dress cut just about 31/2 inches above the knee in a earl grayish blue seemed to scream at me once I entered the boutique. And best part yet? My size was the only one left!! Perfect, now I had the dress, now all i needed was the shoes, the accesories, the jacket, the makeup, and the hair. Good thing I didn’t have class today, or else I’d never be able to get done with my list that seemed to go on for miles.

Stepping into Bvlgari with a chai latte in hand. I waited for a sales associate to approach me so that I could pick up my order of diamond studs from a week ago. But of course, I just had to show up on the day when all the sales associates were buzzing with gossip and seemed to be too distracted to help probably one of the only customers they get in this area. Curiousity got the best of me, and I needed to see what this commotion was all about. I turned into the “expensive” area and bumped into a pristine armani suit.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I should’ve watched where I was going.” I said apologetically.

“Don’t worry about it.” the man said, flashing me a thousand watt smile.

I nearly dropped my chai latte in surprise. The man in the expensive looking armani suit with spiffy aviators was none other than the best dancer in DBSK!! Yunho U-Know. Knowing plainly well that just meeting Hero was purely by chance, and that there was never going to be an opportunity like that again. I came to the conclusion of 3 possible answers.

1) The girl at Starbucks had spiked my chai latte when I wasn’t watching, and I was going to die. Therefore some higher power was trying to make my last moments on Earth happy. And boy oh, boy, was I happy.

2) I got knocked out by the security guard in Bvlgari because I was holding a beverage. I passed out and didn’t feel a thing. Due to an overactive and DBSK obsessed mind, I was having hallucinations.

3) I was the luckiest person in the world, and I was actually meeting Yunho from DBSK. Pfft yeah right, like that’d ever happen.

“No Joongie, I can’t go to dinner with you guys tonight, I have to pick out some attire for our next show. The costumes didn’t really appeal to me all that much.” The assumed yunho said into his brand new iphone.

It was now or never, I needed to confront this man, I wasn’t about to just let a moment like this go by.

“Excuse me, but umm . . . is it possible that you’re Yunho U-Know from DBSK??” I asked nervously, scared that he was going to snap at me.

“Who wants to know?” He said almost analytically.

“I’m sorry, but this has been the second encounter I’ve had with a DBSK member this week, and I’m in a bit of shock.” i said as i started to walk towards him to get a closer look.

In the distance, I heard a shriek. “O.M.F.G. ITS YUNHO U-KNOW FROM DBSK!!! GET HIM!!!!”

As entire hoard of crazy screaming fangirls started charging toward us, the security immediatly locked the doors in order to insure the safety of their “precious” customer. But no doors could stop the yunho-thirsty fangirls. As they started banging on the now smudged glass doors, I realized that in order to get out of here, I’d need to get out through the main door. Which of course, wasn’t possible.

“HOLY CRAP!! I’m locked in!” I screamed out loud.

“Listen, I’m really sorry for this, it’s all my fault. You wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for me.” Yunho said apologetically.

“It’s really perfectly fine. I got to meet one of my favorite dancers!” I said with a smile.

“At least help me get you out of here.” He said, guiding me towards an emergency door.

“Wait, I still have to get my earrings for the DBSK concert!!” i said, trying to free myself from his guiding.

“At Bvlgari? What are you trying to do? Blind us on stage?” he said jokingly.

“No, it’s a long and confusing story, but I met Hero the other day, and he gave me a backstage pass, and then I REALLY wanted to look nice so I ordered these earring hoping that . . .” I caught myself as i started to trail.

i could see in his face that he was trying to supress laughter. but he didn’t do a good job of it. soon he was rolling on the floor laughing so much it looked like it hurt.

“All right, I’m out of here.”

“wait, you can’t just go out there like that!” he said.

“and why not? it’s not like I’M the celebrity?”

“You’re gonna get trampled.”


“I’m a gentleman you know? I can’t just let that happen.”


“okay then. off we go.”

“WHAT?? WHAT! PUT ME DOWN!!” I said as a security guard lifted me off of my feet.

“I’m gonna get you out of here safe and sound you hear?” he said, with a serious tone.

“yes sir”

“well then, the next time i see you, i guess it’ll be at the concert.” he said with a sudden change in tone

“uh huh” i answered meekly.

And just like that he strode out the emergency door like nothing had happenned. Bvlgari bag in hand, he walked to his Audi and drove off. What a crazy day, I said to myself.